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Makery Workshop – Tod College

RJam Todmorden is an occasional event to celebrate creative techy coding and making of all kinds. It is aimed at inventors, families and anyone interested in learning. 

We have had some great events since starting in May 2022. Sign up to keep in touch for more events.

The best way to keep in touch is via the Facebook page for Todmorden RJam.

AND Please do sign up to our Rjam Mailing list here (log in to google then join)

Overview of our Events

Hands-on Entry Activities: Wearing textiles and technology creations, playing games, lights LEDS, interactive displays, buggy battles, 

For our events you can often sample 4 or 5 different activities including: Technology and textiles, create space / dance music by coding in Sonic Pi, create a weather station using a Raspberry Pi, solder your own LED lights and control them with Microbits, hack an Arcade Game and play it and design and Make things in Wood and see our 3D printer