Repair & Re-wear Sessions

A Textiles Surgery and Club

Wednesdays 13.00 – 15.00 

Makery Workshop – Todmorden College – Burnley Road

This session is a chance to use the sewing and textiles equipment at the Makery. Note – you can also come to the Monday and Friday drop in sessions (at time of writing check here)

It is also a way to get help with ongoing projects or to start new ones. 

Here are some of the things that we may be able to help with. 

  • If you want help doing alterations or repair of clothes and kit. 
  • We can help you get set up on sewing machines and cut out replacement fabric.
  • We take on community projects involving textiles. If you’re not sure what to do. You could chip into one of these.
  • Come and ask about other projects too, like upholstery, curtains etc. We can even repair tents – just come and ask.

General Information about the Textiles Area in the Makery Workshop

Here is a link to on-line manuals for some of the Sewing Machines