Feedback is vital to us co-creating a space that works for all. Feedback can be about something that you see had a positive impact, or about something you see had a negative impact. 

If you have an idea for a project then there is a separate form for that at the end of this page.

It is useful when giving feedback to include the following…

  • What specifically was done or said
  • What specific impact it had – how it affected you, how you felt, what needs it met
  • Anything you would like to be different

It is useful when receiving feedback to remember the following…

  • Feedback comes from the perspective of the person giving it, and is often about the system or a specific action. You might hear it as blame, or feel shame or anger come up in yourself. Is it ok for you to listen to what is said and give it time to settle?
  • Is there helpful information that can support you or the group to make things even better?
  • Would you like some support to integrate the feedback? Are there others you can talk it through with?
  • Is there feedback here for the wider systems or the space that could be useful?