What next at the Makery 2023

First up a practical one.

We are open today Wednesday but closed on Friday the 17th March 2023. Then  it’s back to normal service.

Secondly – you are invited to an event at the Makery next Friday

Come share ideas with us
Every now and then we have a Meet Up & Eat Up to share food and ideas for project, events and other things at the Makery.

All welcome to this open
Meet Up & Eat Up gathering

Friday 24th Mar 11-12
Makery Workshop – Todmorden College – Burnley Road

Finally, you are invited to a Photography Exhibition by Chris Foster – who made the photo frames with the support of the Makery and it’s volunteers.

1-31 March 2023 – Todmorden Information Centre – 15 Burnley Rd, Todmorden OL14 7BU

As the Covid 19 pandemic forced us into lockdown the word ‘gathering’ became synonymous with something we could no longer do, something which was in fact illegal. Yet, while we were forced to wave to each other from different sides of the street, to talk through windows, or to meet in some new virtual capacity, nature carried on without us. Perhaps even celebrated our absence from places we had previously dominated.

Forced to stay local, to be still, and seeking the connection I could no longer find with people, I began to wander areas I had not yet given attention, often due to a lack of time. As a commercial photographer it seemed that my work had dominated my creative output. The pandemic, it seems, forced many of us to slow down, to ponder, to reflect.  As the weeks became months, and even years, I became the observer of these gatherings in nature; places where starlings chattered amongst the branches, badgers collected in the evening light and rain drops congregated on leaves and webs.

Now we once again gather, enjoying each other’s company and revelling in the closeness of each other.  We come together for events, for groups, for company. Nowhere is this celebration of each other, of community more evident than in the Saturday Makery, where young and old gather to create, to talk, to share. In fact, it was in the Makery that I built the frames which hold the prints you see. As such 20% of all profits from sales will be donated to this group to ensure that we can continue to gather.

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