Recover and Remake Workshops – Sept, Oct & Nov 2023

Have a look at our upcoming workshops here.

The Makery has been a fantastic project to get involved with. As we come up to our second birthday we now have 6 weekly drop-ins and other regular Men in Sheds and Women in Workshops sessions. These are great spaces for doing repairs, getting on with your making projects or getting help to do particular project. These sessions are now usually thriving and lively. It can be a bit hectic for some. We now have a dedicated quiet session on Wednesdays at 1.30.

We also have one off workshops which are a great way of getting involved in the project. Have a look at the flyers below for more information.

Recover and Remake is a series of creative, sustainable textile workshops in a relaxing and friendly environment designed to support the mental wellbeing of Todmorden residents. Feel free to ask us any questions.

Do you think this would be a good thing for you or someone you know. If so please do get in touch.

To get more info and say your are interested email Nicola on or come in to the Makery or Tod College reception. You can also phone 01706 318 132 .
Or more directly there is also an online form you can fill out here

We’ll get in touch on the week of the workshop to confirm. If we can’t offer you a space you should still be able to complete the project as we’ll provide materials and some guidance at our drop in sessions. Come in and ask about out project boxes.

The Makery as a welcoming and supportive space.

We want to try to make our workshop as welcoming as we can for many sorts. The sessions above are especially aimed to help people’s wellbeing. We have found that one off guided workshops are really good at getting new people involved in the Makery. Especially for people that may find the drop in sessions a bit hectic or are not sure how to get involved.

Also each of these workshops aims to create a project box which will contain materials and pictures and where appropriate instructions. These boxes will be stored under the main tables of the workshop making it easy to get them out and have a guided project to get started on.

Could you make or test out a Project Box?

Please do get in touch if you are interested in creating a Project Box for others could create a project box. We are starting to create a page on our website about these boxes here.

One job that needs doing is to test out a Project Box and check that it is easy to to use. You could then give feedback or if you want to go further improve it with photos or simple instructions. Just get in touch on todmordenmakery

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