Project [Tool Refurb] – Vintage Mitre Saw [completed]

Thanks to a generous donation we have two working – but in need of refurbishment – mitre saws. They need cleaning and some rust removal and potentially new blades.

Project Status: Needing a Volunteer
Project Outcome: A useful tool for our workshops, for a member or to sell via ebay

Is this a job you would be up for helping with? If so email – Stay Well!

One thought on “Project [Tool Refurb] – Vintage Mitre Saw [completed]

  1. Richard Goodeve says:

    Mick, I have a box of old mitre saw bits. I still use one when doing small woodwork. Be pleased to see what I can do with them. I’ll need to check but I’m sure a got a spare blade. Let me know how and when I can see them.

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