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Create a Fantastical / Terrible Creature of Light as a puppet show

Vikki took a fun wide angle picture of our making session today for the after-school club.

We wanted to create a fun activity that mixed technology and craft making. Doing these puppets really seems to have attracted a good mix of people.

Gil & Artemus Video of Puppet show

Workshop [Communication] – Informal Beginner course in WordPress

Project Status – Completed

This course was successful and informal. Here are some quotes from feedback.

Friendly, informal, informative, student-centred, fun. Tutor responded to queries as they arose in a mixed ability class. We covered a lot of ground in 4 weeks.

Student Feedback

WordPress is an online system to allow you to create websites. It is flexible and relatively easy to learn. If you get more technically skilled you can alter it one a more flexible level. It’s also easy to move your websites from one place to another. All of these reasons make it a good choice if you want to learn to make your own website or blog.

The host of this website building group will be Mick Chesterman who is a tech teacher and has also written a manual on WordPress.

  • Friday 5th Nov – 10.30 – 12.00
  • Friday 12th Nov – 10.30 – 12.00
  • Friday 19th Nov – 10.30 – 12.00
  • Friday 26th Nov – 10.30 – 12.00

This is an informal set of workshops. We will work at the same time to improve the website of the Todmorden Makery – which is a WordPress one.

You will also work on a website as you go along as a way of learning. This may be a real project or just a test bed to practice your skills in a hands on way.

A lot of each week will be spent trying things out and working independently or in small groups on your websites. But each week we will have a special focus on one particular element of setting up a word press site. Including the following.

  • Creating (blog) posts and adding Images and Links to them
  • Creating Information Pages and Navigation Menus
  • Altering the look of your site by changing themes and adding header images.
  • Using Widgets, calendars and other media.

Project Status: Confirmed and booking in progress
Project Outcome: A club of people who know more about WordPress and building websites

Is this club a project you would be interested in coming to? If so fill out the form below.

[Workshop] – Lino Printing Taster session

Project Status – Complete – but recruiting for next sessions

Using a pre-cut lino block to create a wall border with block printing inks. A couple of these workshops have been run already and we’re hoping to do more in the new year.

Date: to be confirmed. Sign up for next session: If you are interested fill out this form with your email and we will contact you in August to arrange.

In a nutshell: Learn how to print an attractive wall border for your home using a hand printed Lino Block. In this first taster session, you’ll start by using a precut block to create a wall border with block printing inks. In future sessions, you’ll be able to move onto cutting your own lino block with your own design. All materials and full instruction provided.

I used to make these to sell when I was at tod studios and always meant to run a workshop on this but never got round to, although several people told me they’d like to have a go! As I still have lots of ink/ rollers and ready cut lino blocks etc I just thought it would be lovely to give people an opportunity to have a go once the workshop space is sorted out.

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Organising the reloved shop

Inspired by Karl Roscoe’s reloved project we have an area of the workshop where we display some of the objects, that have been donated to be fixed up by the Makery Workshop.

It would be amazing to have a volunteer have a good look at this space to be able to get across what it is all about. The ethos of fixing up, caring for objects and re-gifting them. Any way of organising this – adding art – adding text would be really welcome.

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Can you Make Us a Donations Box

“All donations and contributions go towards the running of this space. Including rent, materials and volunteer costs “

We have a shop where people can pick up some of the things we have repaired at the workshop.

Could you help us by making a fancy donations / money box to encourage contributions? If you think you could help us by taking on this project please get in touch with or come down to one of our open sessions – see our events page for details.

[Project] Test and Prepare Consoles for a Games Console Library

We have a lot of donated games consoles – some from the youth service. Let’s check them out and see if they can be modified ready for a Games Console Library.

Families or individuals could borrow an original retro console for a few weeks and then trade it in for another.

Project [Tool Refurb] – Vintage Mitre Saw [completed]

Thanks to a generous donation we have two working – but in need of refurbishment – mitre saws. They need cleaning and some rust removal and potentially new blades.

Project Status: Needing a Volunteer
Project Outcome: A useful tool for our workshops, for a member or to sell via ebay

Is this a job you would be up for helping with? If so email – Stay Well!

Project [Refurb] – Laser Printers

We have been donated 2 laser printers.

Laser printers are much better for printing large volumes of documents quickly and quietly – making the best laser printers ideal for home office use. Laser printers also won’t demand a new ink cartridge every hundred or so pages!

These ones need to be cleaned and tested. Let’s keep one for the Makery and then we can find a good home for the other one.

Is this a job you would be up for helping with? If so email – Stay Well!

Project [DIY] – Workstations for the side walls [completed]

This project involves reusing workstations from another room in the college and attaching them to the walls.

There are metal rods and feet that we can use too. They are pretty wide so we may be able to split them in two. If you can take on or support this project email – Thanks!