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[Project] Test and Prepare Consoles for a Games Console Library

We have a lot of donated games consoles – some from the youth service. Let’s check them out and see if they can be modified ready for a Games Console Library. Families or individuals could borrow an original retro console for a few weeks and then trade it in for another.

Workshop [Communication] – Beginner Websites in WordPress

WordPress is an online system to allow you to create websites. It is flexible and relatively easy to learn. If you get more technically skilled you can alter it one a more flexible level. It’s also easy to move your websites from one place to another. All of these reasons make it a good choice …

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Project [Tool Refurb] – Vintage Mitre Saw

Thanks to a generous donation we have two working – but in need of refurbishment – mitre saws. They need cleaning and some rust removal and potentially new blades. Project Status: Needing a VolunteerProject Outcome: A useful tool for our workshops, for a member or to sell via ebay Is this a job you would …

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Workshop [Art] – Lino Printing Taster session – [currently full]

[Note: this workshop is currently full] Using a pre-cut lino block to create a wall border with block printing inks. This workshop will be led by Anna Butler and Rita Frayne. Date: September – We will plan an afternoon session Sign up: If you are interested fill out this form with your email and we …

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Project [Refurb] – Laser Printers

We have been donated 2 laser printers. Laser printers are much better for printing large volumes of documents quickly and quietly – making the best laser printers ideal for home office use. Laser printers also won’t demand a new ink cartridge every hundred or so pages! These ones need to be cleaned and tested. Let’s …

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Project [DIY] – Workstations for the side walls

This project involves reusing workstations from another room in the college and attaching them to the walls. There are metal rods and feet that we can use too. They are pretty wide so we may be able to split them in two. If you can take on or support this project email – Thanks!