[Workshop] Reflective Writing

Fridays 10.00 – 11.30 – from 11th Feb (for 4 weeks)

At Makery Workshop, Tod College – Burley Rd, (next to Aldi)

Are you interested in trying out or developing some personal reflective writing. This short series of workshops may help you with personal reflection, decision making, better mental health and general well being. 

Places are limited so – Please Book – by emailing todmordenmakery <at> gmail.com

What you’ll do over 4 weeks: How to start a reflective journal; find out which platform is best for you, for example, diary, journal, online journal, apps, blog; keeping your writing safe, passwords; which type of journal is best for you, for example, travel, food, mood, reading, exercise and more; how to develop an ongoing practice; engage in creative and fun methods to help you start writing;  whether sharing your personal writing with others is right for you; different media with which to record your reflections for example, voice recording and vlogging. If time we have time learning how to make your own journal.

Facilitator Bio: Karen began reflective writing in 1990 as part of her training to be a therapist, she has used it extensively as part of her work, creative process as an artist and for her own healing journey. She has taught creative writing, self development and creative journaling for the past 20 years.

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